Paper Charts have been our passion for over 110 years, and we intend to remain top of class even as we move towards a more digital world. Our subscription service ensures that you have the most up to date charts and publications on board.


The rate of revisions to charts, port information, rules and regulations, etc. is quite astonishing, which is why more and more companies trust Nautisk Forlag to regularly update their vessels. SOLAS and the ISM code demand that all merchant vessels have a comprehensive and updated library of charts and nautical publications onboard. Our job is to ensure that your vessels are always in compliance. Whether we’re talking about charts, port information, lists of lights or any one of a thousand other publications, your vessels will have everything they need.

The latest IT technology allows us to keep a complete inventory of ships’ charts and publications, and send updates as soon as revisions or new editions become available. Tailor-made subscription categories make it simple for you to receive only information relevant to the sailing patterns of the vessel at hand. 


Want to start a subscription or hear more about how we can help your vessel manage the chart portfolio? Feel free to contact our experienced mariners at: 




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