Why receive chart corrections and publication amendments for one region when your vessel is operating in an other? The idea of sending all updates to all vessels ties up bandwith, crew time and increases cost. With Neptune there's no need to waste resources any more.






Neptune is a unique, real-time vessel information service developed by our team of ex-mariners to reduce workload and increase efficiency whilst allowing vessels to stay fully compliant. Working intelligently, Neptune streamlines workflow and improves chart control by only sending the information required for the task in hand. Neptune is compatible with both bridge and shore-based systems, ensuring consistent operation across the entire team.


Neptune works by combining electronic Notices from British Admiralty, the Norwegian Hydrographic Service and NOAA with an update service for ENC cells from the UKHO and PRIMAR. In addition, Neptune integrates Admiralty Digital Products (ADP) including List of Lights, TotalTide and Radio Signals (ADRS6), all of which can be updated through the system.

Information is downloadable on demand and Neptune also includes marine management tools, reports, weather forecasting, routing, online news and information. 



  • Windows-based, dovetails into existing set up.
  • Easy to install, compatible with any off the shelf windows PC and printer.
  • Easy to use, no complex training required.
  • Delivers only the corrections relevant to each vessel’s portfolio, saving time and unnecessary download costs.
  • Information provided via satellite, online or via email.
  • Integrated management of NTMs, meaning constant access and up to the minute status on individual charts or chart portfolios.
  • Fits any internet or mail communication bandwidth from 2.4 kB to over 128 kB marine ‘always on’ broadband.
  • Easy to read, colour-coded reports giving comprehensive overview of onboard charts, publications and correction status. 



To find out how Neptune can make your fleet operation easier, contact us: 





Combining ease of use and intuitive design features with comprehensive, up-to-the-minute information, Neptune provides everything required to manage and update paper charts, publications and ENCs in one simple solution.

Our navigational experts work closely with our developers to regularly update the system and add new features. And because Neptune includes both paper and digital products from the UKHO, Norwegian Hydrographic Service and PRIMAR, there is no need to make trade-offs between paper charts and ENCS, local or global information.



You are not forced to make trade-offs between paper and ENCs. Between local or global. It features both paper and digital products from UKHO, the Norwegian Hydrographic Service and Primar. It is hardware independent - and there is no unnecessary delays.




Shopping basket gives access to the full range of products, allowing mirroring between paper chart folio and corresponding ENCs








Neptune utilizes a proprietary protocol custom- built for data transfers at sea. Efficient Transfer Protocol (ECTP). It ensures full resume after possible connection failures - no matter where you left off. Combined with the industry's most innovative logistics and folio management system, you will experience a seamless integration between paper and digital. Fast.




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Several reports showing detailed inventory status
Customized NP234 report - T&Ps included!
Colour coding in all reports
Everything opens in Neptune, no need to open separate PDF viewer




See what editions that already are sent to the ship  

Add charts and publications to your subscription     

See new editions available on stock







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The Neptune Fleet Manager is a new tool for marine- and fleet managers to keep track of their vessel's chart-, publication- and ENC correction status. This is a web based application that displays all of your vessels in a map, giving them a colour code based on your predifened parameters for correction status. 


Fleet Manager also lets you keep control of your vessels ENC license status.


The following features are available in Neptune Fleet Manager:

- See your ships displayed in a fully pan and zoomable world map.
- One look overview of your vessels correction status by color coding your vessels based on your own parameters.
- Control your vessels correction status with our customized NP234 report.
- Maintain control of each vessels data traffic though our detailed data traffic reports.

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