Q – Will use of Neptune affect our SMS Certificate?

A – No. Neptune will not affect an existing SMS Certificate, however it might aid you getting or keeping an SMS Certificate. It helps keeping track of your paper charts, ENC’s and nautical publications, as well as all updates for these products.


Q – Does Neptune need to be online to make corrections?

A – No, Neptune only needs to be online or be able to receive email in order to receive the updates. The corrections are then saved locally and are available when you need to do the corrections.


Q – What is the file size of packages related to Neptune, and how much data traffic will use of Neptune generate?

A – This depends on which features you are using in Neptune, and your portfolio size. However Neptune will only send data that relates to the ship chart and publication holding, minimizing the data traffic necessary to your vessel.


Q – What happens if I lose my connection while the data is being transferred?

A – We have developed our own data transfer protocol; Efficient Content Transfer Protocol (ECTP). Unlike many other data transfer protocols we take into account that your connection might be cut off during transfer of files, therefore your download will continue automatically from where you lost your connection. In addition we send the files as a continuous stream enabling you to prioritize your download list and start using the files you have downloaded immediately.


Q – Can the electronic charts catalog downloaded in Neptune be used for navigation?

A – No, the catalog is only for giving a visual representation of the geographical location of charts and ENC cells. However the ENC cells you download through the client can be used for navigation in the ships ECDIS.


Q – We are using network services to install new software. Is it possible to use Neptune in our network?

A – Yes, however you will need to specify this in your order to receive some additional information from our IT-department. Also, only one user will be able to use the application at a time.


Q – In the Order Products and Licenses menu, can the ship order as much as they want?

A – This is up to you, it is possible for us to send an order directly, but you can also specify if you want to receive a quote for the ships needs before we fulfill the order.


Q – Does Neptune require a specific PDF reader in order to show and print the corrections?

A – No, you are not dependent on a specific PDF reader as we have included this within the Neptune software. 


Q – What is Fleet Manager?

A – Fleet Manager is a brand new product from Nautisk Forlag. It enables you to track your fleet and keep records of your vessels chart and publication status through detailed reports as well as a color coding on your ships.






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