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To the right you can find a selection of our most popular log books,

many more is available. 


If you have any questions or conserns regarding our log books please contact us on:

Nautisk has a large stock of quality logbooks to suit any of your ship needs. Our log books are clompliant with the relevant standards for keeping records onboard and contain an exerpt of the relevant regulations. 


Deck Log Book

  • Chief Officers Log Book
  • Chief Officers Log Book
  • Bridge Order Book
  • Night Order Book
  • Compass and Radio Direction Finding Log Book


Engine Room Log Book
These hardback logbooks are in compliance with Regulation of 15 September 1992 no 963 concerning the form and keeping of log books for ships and mobile offshore units.  We can supply this in the following formats.

  • Engine Room Log Book A3 Portrait, 200 days
  • Engine Room Log Book A4 Portrait, 183 days
  • Engine Room Log Book A4 Landscape, 189 days
  • Chief Engineer’s Log Book (Turbine Steamer, Dry Cargo or Tanker) A3 Landscape,180 days
  • Engine Log Book Turbine A4 portrait, 93 days


Oil Record Book

  • Oil Record Book Part I – All ships
  • Oil Record Book Part II – Oil Tankers


Bunkers Log Book

IN accordance with MARPOL 73/79 Annex VI A4 Portrait  


Cargo Record Book

  • Cargo Record Book for Ships Carrying Noxious Liquid Substances in Bulk


Radio Record Book
We supply the following radio log books

  • GMDSS Radio Log Book
    • In accordance with the provisions of Regulation 20 of the Merchant shipping (Radio Installations) Regulations 1998 and regulation 19 of the Merchant Shipping (Radio) (Fishing Vessel) Regulations 199, a Radio Log must be carried on board certain ships/vessels.
    • Radio Log Book, Telenor


Other Log Books

  • Bell Log Book A4 Portrait
    • This Log Book shall be used on the bridge and in the engine room in case the data logger is not working. The bell book is a supplement to the ships log books and datalogger sheets.
    • Galley Log Book
      • Hardback,  A4 Portrait
      • Log book for the Galley and provisioning services, 1 year
      • Sewage Disposal Record Book
        • Hardback, A4 Landscape.
        • In accordance with MARPOL 73/78 – Annex IV
        • Gangway Logbook
          • Paperback, A4 Portrait
          • IMCA Crane Operator’s Logbook
            • Hardback, A5 Portrait


Norwegian log books

  • Dekksdagbok for innenriksfart, 97 dager

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