The Admiralty Vector Chart Service only contains ENC data that meets SOLAS Carriage Requirements for use within Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS).


Using AVCS in combination with the Neptune Vessel Information System you can obtain immediate updates to your ENCdata, anywhere in the world, at any time. The service also allows the mariner to actively manage their ENC holdings enabling the download of voyage-specific updates, minimising transmission costs. All updates are hosted on a secure server and are encrypted and digitally signed to ensure that they are authentic and uncorrupted when you receive them.









The Admiralty Vector Chart Service has rapidly become the new ‘industry standard’, working on over 4,500 vessels around the world – a number that grows by around 60 every week. Over 1,000 shipping companies are now experiencing the benefits that the Admiralty Vector Chart Service brings.


AVCS provides berth to berth coverage of all the major trade lanes between more than 2,950 of the world’s busiest and biggest ports. There are over 11,000 ENCs available in AVCS, providing coverage of 290 more ports than any other ENC service on the market.




This map illustrates the unique ports delivered through AVCS, you can also view the list of unique ports in this downloadable brochure. Please note that this list is correct at going to press and is subject to change.



AVCS Unique Ports Coverage Brochure (670 kb)











Admiralty Information Overlay includes all Admiralty Temporary and Preliminary Notices to Mariners (T&P NMs) and provides additional navigationally significant information from UKHO's ENC validation programme. The Overlay is displayed as a single layer on top of the basic ENC and is available free of charge as part of the Admiralty Vector Chart Service and within Admiralty Value Added Resellers' services.


The Overlay gives seafarers an easy, clear and consistent way to view the information they need, in addition to the standard chart, to navigate safely and compliantly. It will make passage planning simpler and safer by clearly showing where important Temporary or Preliminary changes may impact a voyage. It will also give seafarers the same consistent picture of the maritime environment on their ECDIS as they have always had with the Admiralty paper chart.


Admiralty Information Overlay means that shipping companies will be able to comply more easily with Port State Control (PSC) requirements by providing T&P NMs where they do not currently exist in ENC coverage today. It will also help simplify their transition to digital navigation.


The Overlay can be displayed on compatible ECDIS equipment and also in Admiralty e-Navigator Planning Station. Most ECDIS equipment installed prior to 2011 will require an upgrade before it will be able to display the Overlay.


A list of compatible ECDIS systems is included on the Display Systems tab of the product information page for the Admiralty Vector Chart Service.

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