Please click your current revision number to download the smallest package needed to upgrade Neptune. Unzip the downloaded zip file and run "NeptuneUpgrader.exe". If you have no problems with downloading vast amount of data, you can click revision 15.


New features

NOTE: This version requires .NET Framework 4.0 to be installed on your computer
If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact us by email ( or by phone (+47 48 48 96 48).


ENC Updating Service:
- New simple mode, having only one button click to update Neptune with latest ENC catalogue and permit file available, download and import required cell updates and create the Exchange set. This feature requires a USB stick to be inserted into computer (will be deleted). If you want to create the exchange set to a CD or local hard drive, click advanced and you will be shown the orginal ENC Updating Service window.
- Added support for S63 1.1. If vessel has been activated for S63 1.1, data will be downloaded in this version and Exchange set will be created in that format.

Added support for downloading and viewing Section VII and Section VIII as separate documents.
Section VII is also indexed and shown in the eNTM window if any publications on subscription are updated.



Application upgraded to use .NET Framework 4.0, resulting in generally better performance.
Application upgraded to run in 64bit mode when 64bit OS is installed, resulting in generally better performance.
Database converted to new type of database, resulting in generally better performance.
When opening Setup, load of window could take time due to printer settings. This is changed and window loads faster.
Download and import of ENC updates are faster than before.
Added splash screen when opening, showing that application is loading.


Order Products and Licenses:
- Added possibility to move and add new waypoints in route after route has been created
- Added possibility to move and add waypoints in "Drag selection mode" after square has been created (resulting in possibility of polygons)
- Added possibility to create route crossing the date line
- Added possibility to pan map around date line
- Zoom by using scroll wheel on mouse or left-click, hold and mark an area


For further assistance - contact Neptune Support: +4748489648 /


Upgrade From Rev. 37 (2,8 MB)


Upgrade From Rev. 36 (2,8 MB)


Upgrade From Rev. 35 (2,8 MB)


Upgrade From Rev. 34 (14,4 MB)


Upgrade From Rev. 33 (14,4 MB)


Upgrade From Rev. 32 (14,4 MB)


Upgrade From Rev. 31 (14,4 MB)


Upgrade From Rev. 30 (16,3 MB)


Upgrade From Rev. 29 ( 16,3 MB)


Upgrade From Rev. 28 (16,3 MB)


Upgrade From Rev. 27 (16,3 MB)


Upgrade From Rev. 26 (27,4 MB)



Neptune Vessel Information Service was launched in 2008 by Nautisk Forlag and has developed into a full blown stand alone digital back of bridge solution.The service features paper and digital products approved from UKHO, the Norwegian Hydrographic Service and PRIMAR.



You now need .Net Framework 4.0 and the KB2468871 update installed to run Neptune on your computer. Download this here:


Download .Net Framework 4.0 (49,3 MB)


Download .Net FW 4.0 Update for 32bit (19,1 MB)


Download .Net FW 4.0 Update for 64bit (28 MB)







Upgrade From Rev. 25 (27,4 MB)


Upgrade From Rev. 24 (33 MB)


Upgrade From Rev. 23 (33 MB)


Upgrade From Rev. 22 (35,1 MB)


Upgrade From Rev. 21 (35,1 MB)


Upgrade From Rev. 20 (35,1 MB)


Upgrade From Rev. 19 (31,11 MB)


Upgrade From Rev. 18 (35,8 MB)


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Upgrade From Rev. 15 (36 MB)

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