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Neptune Vessel Information Service was launched in 2008 by Nautisk Forlag and has developed into a full blown stand alone digital back of bridge solution.The service features paper and digital products approved from UKHO, the Norwegian Hydrographic Service and PRIMAR.


New features

Admiralty Information Overlay, AIO
If vessel subscripes to AIO, the AIO base and updates are shown as available for download in the ENC Updating Service.


Search and bookmark capabilities in IMO publications are improved.

Possible to open multiple IMO publications at the same time.

Permit files for ENC charts are saved in the Info folder on the exchange set.

Create Exchange Set wizard is changed from multiple pages to be only one page.

It is possible to download historical updates for multiple products at the same time.


Admiralty has always been known for its quality and reliability on their paper products. This has carried over to their digital products and Admiralty Vector Charts have the greatest coverage world wide and carry on Admiraltys high quality demands, enusuring you stay compliant. For more information on Admiralty product, download these brochures.



The Vision of the IHO is to be the authoritative worldwide hydrographic body which actively engages all coastal and interested States to advance maritime safety and efficiency and which supports the protection and sustainable use of the marine environment.


Click the link below, save the ZIP folder to your computer/disk/memory stick and un zip the folder, then run the file "Install.exe"


If you like a demo version - use customer ID 699999 during installation.

For further assistance - contact Neptune Support: +4748489648 /  For live trail free of charge, tailor-made for your holdings, contact:


Neptune version 4.11 - includes: 
Neptune + .NET Framew. 4.0 (166 MB)















An introduction to Admiralty (935 KB)


Are you ready for the new ECDIS regulations (979 KB)


Want advice on digital navigation (1,2 MB)


Are you getting the most from Admiralty? (1,1 MB)


Planning and Navigation Product Overview (2,9 MB)


Why switch to Admiralty? (1,1 MB)



The International Convention on the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) includes a requirement for all ships to carry to up-to-date nautical charts and publications for the intended voyage. Progressively from 2012, the chart carriage requirement for certain classes of vessels is to be satisfied by electronic means using an Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS).


Feedback from those involved in the use of charts and electronic charting systems including manufacturers, distributors, users, ship owners, regulatory authorities, pilots, harbour authorities and others indicates a requirement to provide guidance on the regulations and the status of equipment that is available in the market today. In particular the differences between the various types of equipment and the differences between the various types of chart data offered to the users are unclear with respect to the regulations in place.


This document has been produced to help clarify some of the uncertainties. It is not intended to replace or amend national or international rules and regulations. Readers should always refer to the relevant national administration or Flag State for the latest detailed information.


S-66 -  Facts about Electronic Charts and Carriage Requirements 
(3,36 MB)

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